Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trans 1Malaysia 2012: From Zero to Hero to 'Zero'

What a hectic week for me. But really satisfied with output and 'small contribution' for my beloved country. A week with zero outdoor or any physical activities but sitting inside the hotel completing latest diploma programme in country- Diploma of Physical Fitness.

These events just a spark for my next adventure that will begin this Sunday, a cycling adventure for 10 days traversing from the south to the north of Malaya via west coach of this peninsular. The zero mile will be at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia an tentatively will finished at Kuala Perlis on 15 Feb 2012.

I'm so pleased with my current performance & spirit to fulfill & playing my role as a common Malaysian. I managed to finish strong in front of my team members in completing this three months assignment, after my night stay up toward this week at my current office finally get paid. Later recognized as a hero for a night only.

As common words to describe this feeling, I came from zero to hero and now walking towards zero mile of Trans 1Malaysia 2012.

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