Friday, January 27, 2012

An Adventure Ride to Pengerang

What a long time I didn't involved in camping trip. My last camping trip was at Pahang National Park in Kuala Tahan together with my sports science students as their final projects last year, a journey by a taxi, buses, trains, and foot that we will not forget. Then during October last year, I got to stay outside in wilderness & beaches during my Survival  Course in Kota Belud for 5 days without any tent and ration.

Great weekend! After suffering on bike and get camping for a night

This weekend, an epic journey to Tg Balau, Pengerang, Johor by bicycle really make me feel great again. Two days back to back cycling with a distance nearly 120km per way will teach me the art of day ride- the feel that I experienced during Trans Selatan last Dicember 2010.

Jiha & me will start our journey in the morning together with others cycling from Kolej Perdana who're will joining Trans 1Malaysia 2012 this 5-15 February. Then we will camping there, and have some fun with bbq dinner, fire, sea breeze, morning sun rise and perhaps clear water (I don't think so at this season). The next morning will cycle back to starting point in UTM JB.

As the bottom line, sometime I need a reward as simple as great adventure outing on weekend after got pushed for a week. Plus my next week will be the 9am to 11pm torturing task to completing within four consecutive days starts on Tuesday to Friday. I have Saturday as a rest day, and next Sunday (5 Feb) the Trans 1Malaysia program will begin!!!


  1. Looks awesome. I have a folding bike that I use for travelling and camping. Makes me want to get right back out there today, even though it's the middle of winter

  2. Thanks Chris for your time reading my blog post.

    Yeah, cycling outing for couple of days always leave me a tonic to start Monday morning. The beach & sea breeze really makes me calm 'for a while'..heheh

    Don't miss my blog post in the future, thanks again from me..