Monday, February 20, 2012

My Two Wheels Adventures in Malaya

Glad to be in front of my laptop again after two weeks outing for my latest escapes from daily routine. On 5 Feb 2011, I started my cycling adventure (again) after more than ten years from my great cycling adventure back in 2001. This adventure called Trans 1Malaysia, and this is their website This program organized by the students from Kolej Perdana, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, in collaboration with Gerakan Belia 4B Johor. The journey was to traversing from the south to the north of Peninsular of Malaysia which is more than 1000km cycling route. This program is continuity of previous successful cycling expedition organized Trans Johor (cycling around Johor) & Trans Selatan (cycling from UTMKL to UTMJB) on 2009 and 2010 consecutively. I only managed to join Trans Selatan & Trans 1Malaysia only together with my lovely gf.

Posed before the long journey at 'Zero Mile'
The Peloton, The Marshal & The Destination
Enjoying the Moment

Below was the cycling adventure I had done in Malaya:
  • 2001 - Cycling without any support vehicle around Peninsular of Malaysia, 18 days (17 days of cycling), 2400km, 4 person, 
  • 2010 - Cycling with support vehicles & marshals from UTM KL to UTM JB, 4 days, nearly 450km, more than 20 persons
  • 2012 - Cycling with support vehicles & marshals from UTM JB to Kangar, Perlis, 9 days (8 days of cycling), 1030km, more than 40 persons.

Once upon a time, this called Malaya
The Ride

The Convoy Members
But it doesn't stop only with bicycle tours, I also just completed my second around Malaya expedition but for the second was by big bike convoy. We started with East Coast Route first and traveled from the north to the south just in four days with 24 convoy members. That expedition was happen on 26-29 December 2011.

That's it, an information to share with my blog readers about my two wheels adventures I had done in Malaya since 2001 when I was a teenager. May adventurer spirit still be with me until my golden age, perhaps can make future adventure trip together with my lovely one.

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