Monday, June 14, 2010

My Instructional Recently

These two months, forced me getting involved back in my outdoor 'career'. I'm back to Johor and lovely UTM! Later I told by my boss to take over the management of our faculty campsite - in immediate effect! Then I call-up for 'gotong-royong' especially for facilitators group. The output was superb and received a new look and new hope.

new road at my campsite

Last May, I was asked to instruct 150 secondary school's teenager for abseiling activity. Two of us are their instructor of the day, and until now we never received any payment.

Within two weeks in UTM, once again I accidentally involved in the meeting with one of the 'cluster school' for discussing about 'win-win situation' between this school and our faculty. I as usual need to present the outdoor camp package impromptu.

abseiling for teens ::::my new parking bay

May 20-24, I hired as coach for Kursus Asas Mendaki Tembok Tiruan (Wall Climbing Basic Course) organized by Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri Johor. As for second year I hired as the only coach for this course. This year course attended only 24 participants from Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia, UTM students and representatives from each district around Johor. As last year I kick two participants out from my course (behavioral problem) but this year I kick one of the JBS bosses ass! He makes a mess with my course, and caused my boys and girl didn't have an adequate meal for 4 days! Now, I heard he was investigated by JBS Director-the person I told face to face regarded this matter.

Kursus Asas Mendaki Tembok Tiruan 2010 group photo

The last week of May I rode 380km to The Race Boy office in Shah Alam for a discussion regarding SUKMA 2010 tender and rode back another 380km to have a very first Sunday rest.

On 9th June, I told to be a instructor for kayak activity for post-graduate students from Denmark Technical University in the evening. Only 20 of them included their 60++ years old professor (I imagine if one day we have a very sporting and healthy Prof do outdoor activities at this age). Then they were looking forward to seek another outdoor activity from me.

Denmark Technical University kayak session

As I was here in Johor, most of Mahkota Bikers clique were very pleased, and warmly welcome me back to 'home'. As usually all the stories over poured on me plus another job for me to 'pow' Datuk around 20-30K pun jadilah...Kembara Amal Merdeka 2010 will be around next 31 July to 8 August 2010!

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