Monday, April 20, 2009

Triple Treat Triathlon in Three Consecutive Days

Started on last Friday, I decided to complete three sprint triathlon in three consecutive day. My main purpose to did this intensive workout because to release my pressure. Secondly to saw the minimum recovery time that my body need. Finally to improve my swim-bike-run ability in one shot workout.

My pain was felt on Friday evening when I did 500m swim, followed 10km hilly route cycling, and 3 km hill run. I can stay comfortable on my time trial position during cycling leg. But finally I manage to walk when running to reach hill top finishing.

On Saturday evening I completed my fastest splits in all events distance. It was because I already entered my base of endurance and comfortable workout intensity.

But on Sunday morning, the triathlon started at 10 am, a little bit slower on my pace happened when running's leg appears. The sunshine, heat and also lack of recovery time that I can felt during 3 km run to the hill top finish. But the most important thing was I not allowed my leg to stop and walking as my first day before.

Sometime I need to stay out from my comfortable zone, and do something outstanding that normal people can't.

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