Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Adventures of Kakithoners

April 3rd and 4th there were a gruelling moment for 4 of Kakithoners. They were completed to conquer two summits in less than two days. The summit located about 150 km apart. There was a Gunung Dato in Negeri Sembilan and Gunung Nuang in Selangor.

As a part of training to be a challenger team in adventure races in near the future, they must do the training effectively. Furthermore, with a support from sports science knowledge they were gained day after day, they actually fully equiped by knowledge and of course physical abilities.

Now, Kakithoners must gaining as much experience as they can. Experience is a most valuable beside the knowledge and physical abilities. Plus they also must attend a outdoor skills course such as navigation, kayaking, high element (rope skills) and basic survival skills.

Two summits, 150km apart in two consecutive days was not easy for beginners or entry level athletes. It demand your determination, big effort, high motivation and of course top physical condition.

Finally may this effort will getting paid in the future..

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