Monday, October 21, 2013

Road to Powerman 2013: Second Decade of Powerman Malaysia Participation

This Sunday 27 October, this is will be my 11th Powerman Malaysia. As entering second decade of this grueling duathlon race, I'm also will be competing in a new category - Men's 30-39 years old. More than a decade this type of race I have been participated, it teaches me the true colour of how to be a duathlete. We as duathletes, most of us are humble, committed, high self discipline, and can throw a smile to the camera lenses even if we're suffering during the race.

I see a new decade as a new challenge for me, as I'm married as well. This year again we will run together during first running leg as husband and wife!

As a bottom line, may this year Powerman Malaysia will be more exhilarating experience for me.

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