Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Perak X-Venture Series 2013 Foot Orienteering

This weekend will be our second race (high profile race) back to back for two consecutive weeks. After a Powerman Asian Duathlon Championship race in Putrajaya last Sunday, again we will be back on the road to reach Lumut this Friday night.

Perak X-Venture Series 2013 Foot Orienteering is organized by Magnet Edge Orienteering is a foot orienteering race and will be held in Pangkor Island on 3 November 2013. This race also will be historic because this is an inaugural orienteering race will use electronic timing system by SportIdent a sports timing technology based from Germany.

This year Jiha and me will be team up together again in the race, our first orienteering race as a team. Again we will carry Kakithon name as our team name. Before this, we've experienced an orienteering discipline in IronBound Challenge in Lumut & Pangkor last year. We also hope our experience raced on the second day of the last year race in Pangkor Island will valuable for us.

Orienteering race is not only focusing to move by foot from Control Point (CP) to another CP, but it will tested the competitors with navigation skills with an orienteering map & compass (do I need it?). Plus the endurance of competitors cardiovascular & muscles will be tested. As I was told by the organizer, this race has a cut off time at three hours.That's mean we must completing the course within stipulated time of three hours.

Perhaps this year outing (annual trip) to Lumut and Pangkor will add more experience for us in our journey to become an avid adventure racer in the future.

As a bottom line, our muscle soreness & fatigue due to last Sunday duathlon race, can't limit us to race more confident & stronger toward the finish line this Sunday. Amin.

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