Friday, January 25, 2013

Ronda Riadah Community: Tour de Johor 2013 "Crime Awareness"

Royal Polis of Malaysia (Polis DiRaja Malaysia) will organize Tour de Johor 2013 "Crime Awareness" start on 26-30 January 2013. This is the second edition after the inaugural edition on July last year. Objectives of this tour are to promoting cycling tourism in Johor and Johor is safe from any crime activities.

I was so excited to join the tour this time after being appointed as PDRM-Tourism Malaysia cycling team as a coach & sports science adviser. As a new appointed coach, it is the time for me to do some scouting from the riders who will follow the tour.

Futhermore, I was already completed touring around Peninsular Malaysia in 2001, cycling tour (4 days) from UTM Kuala Lumpur to UTM Skudai in 2010, and cycling tour (11 days) from UTM Skudai to Kuala Perlis, Perlis. But seems like something missed, I wouldn't completed yet cycling around Johor in one program. So I decided to challenge myself again this year.

I will ride my mountain bike that I was used since cycling tour from KL to Skudai despite the organizer suggest the riders must use roadbike.

As a bottom line, perhaps this tour will be more exciting and happening. As a new year come, I challenged myself to ride again in peloton (even though I'm not fit yet) and be a nomad for five days!

For Tour de Johor update, click here

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