Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road to Powerman 2010: Keeping the Momentum High

Last week is a really tough week for me when I'm really need a momentum to keep my morale and motivation rocketed. So I just managed to complete a short distance duathlon on Thursday, another series of 2.4km running test on Friday, and on Saturday, a whole day Fitness & Stress Management Program with my sports science students did kayaking, jungle trekking and jamming during a dinner.

On Thursday and Friday night I was received a sports massage session for 40 minutes on consecutive nights. It was really helps me to recover faster and felt fresh on the following morning. Another session will be continue until post Powerman Malaysia 2010.

On Sunday, three of us (my gf, LKS and me) rode to Puteri Harbor in Nusajaya for aerodynamic position training. We liked the environment and condition offered there. A bright sunshine and minimum traffic, make me felt stronger and really enjoyed the scenery.

Monday evening, I ran slowly and joined MARC Crews training for their hilly slow run. I need to make sure that I can talking all the time with their crews, to maintain my intensity and as an indicator that I was in the right intensity.

Tuesday evening, I was plan to hit a gym, but after slow ran around a campus, I met one of the consistent runner and he was 25 years older than me, and I joined him and ran together for nearly 10km, included two major hill climbs. We felt great and talking at the end of our breaths all the way till the finish point.

Despite, my workout is not so hard and 'gila-gila' like a certain seasoned or beginners duathlete, but I'm still can gained back my previous fitness mark, and can feel a drastic changing in my overall fitness within last three weeks. Another components to improve is my lower body strength and of course my psychological.