Thursday, July 22, 2010

MUDS 2010 and Kakithon

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2010 already hit their 3rd year of existence. The brand of this event MUDS already at the lips among endurance enthusiast in Malaysian universities. Most of universities sport authority already pays an attention to equip their team with adequate training programs, budget, transportation and accommodation for their duathletes.

It is hard at the first place to form a competent team. As my experience, I did it last 2008 when I searched for new talents to groom and polish them to be a contender in this MUDS. An ability to train with them in creating an environment & culture among students involved, to pour the knowledge about the duathlon, to share experience, to make sure the team arrives at the race venue, to assure the athletes about team's goal and to maintain their performance at the top for 3 weeks.

Kakithon UTM group photo MUDS 2008, look the size of our team!

MUDS 2009, First series in UPM, hey it's growing!

Kakithon UTM 2009, Best University Award! Plus an iPod

As a results my duathletes, Ong Wei Xiang won Male Top Duathlete of the Year and Nazihah Abdul Ghani finished her 2008 MUDS behind the female champion. Until now Ong still sponsored by PowerBar and Nazihah grab 2 championships for 2009 MUDS in Womens Open Category. This guys evolved in front of me..

Achievements of Kakithon UTM
Winner Male Top Duathlete of the Year (Ong Wei Xiang)
Runner-up Female Top Duathlete of the Year (Nazihah Abdul Ghani)
Runner-up Best University Award

Winner Male Top Duathlete of the Year (Mohd Nazri Muhamad)
Third Female Top Duathlete of the Year (Nurul Hidayah Mohd Nasir)
Winner Best University Award
++iPod (me!)

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