Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Look But Cannot See

The fifteenth edition of Le Tour de Langkawi closing their curtain last Sunday. As a result we still can sustain the pressure to organize Hors category tour. The pressure came from very small and tight budget, thanks to Ministry of Youth and Sport become a lifesaver after pumped 7 million to this sport-tourism event.

This most celebrating cycling tour in Asia, successfully organized by most of locals in providing their expertise and services. Mohamed Salleh, CEO of 2010 LTdL, pre-tour statement said that he so glad to have a locals in most of aspect in organizing this tour. But he will become the happiest man on earth if the photo finish, timing and result services provided by Malaysian- the services that Malaysian fails after 15 times experiencing tours atmosphere.

As Malaysian, we must learning and looking forward for technologies transfer and expertise transfers besides proudly beating our chest claiming we organized the most pretigious tour in Asia-like a King Kong or Gorilla. Our culture to 'just look but cannot see' always made our valuable time and ringgit flew like a bird view from the sky- only looking the thing below but can't see what were happen.

Hopefully the 2011 LTdL's organizer will do a homework to search any locals can provide that very technical and critical unit in the tour. To do a homework not just only using an input from the teachers, text book and notes but please use a network and ICT in new fast and furious era!

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