Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blackopoulos: The Return

This part o my life, called "The Return". Sound like Batman Return. I'm just ordinary people, not a superhero like a Batman but my daily routine consistently like a bat. Sleep during day and working at night. How about training? Manage to train less than 5 hours per week!

Wednesday, I step into another chapter of my life. More challenging, more exciting. I need to continue my work as academician and completing my post graduate study in part time mod, 360km away from my workplace, and the class being held during weekday, working hour.
That's I call challenge!

I need to change my daily routine, wake up in the morning, slide card, working, consulting, meeting, later have a running with Kakithon, group cycling at night, or socializing with Mahkota Bikers members, but can't forget to attend a class in UPM the next day. I love distance riding, it's totally test my physical, mental and sometime I learn to be more mature on the road.
It is really exciting!

"Mr Black bila nak ngajar kita?"
"Black ko abis study bila?"

My return to UTM, has been seeking by many, from students, staff and some lecturers. But my return is a hard decision to make and this decision is no way to return back.

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