Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Diet, Have to Experiment

Since when I was moved to KL from my lovely hometown in JB, I tried to have western meal for lunch, almost everyday..

The reason is, to improve my cooking skills, especially in serving western meal, which in my concern is easier and fast to be prepared.Second reason is to shave my daily meal budget..
So what I do is just bought frozen products such as burger meat, ground beef, chickens, salads, mayo's, cheese, potatoes (wedges), dried pasta, mushroom soup, pasta sauce, spice (oregano, basil, blackpepper, etc), bla-bla-bla..Then I spend my time almost everyday to cook my lunch..simple meal like a beef burger, bouble cheese burger, pasta, mashed potatoes, etc I can make it easily..

After 3 weeks, did it, I found my weight still same, I can cooked better, and started to love cooking as my hobbies..

Besides, my fitness still in development phase, didn't train on consecutive days..but what I did with my housemate were done sprint triathlon on Sunday was hard for me who are still struggling during swimming leg..hope I can improve a lot my swimming, futhermore my apartment had swimming pool to training

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