Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The End of Another Chapter of My Life

It has been so long time I didn't actively writing like an idiot (in English language) in my blog.

Another chapter of my life will be ending soon (next week on Thursday), and for sure in searching of another exciting & adventurous book that will be written chapter by chapter soon.

October will be waiting for me to train hard & struggle to put my performance at par in preparing myself for Powerman 2011, my 9th attempt to be Powerman Malaysia Finisher. Plus this year I have a plenty of time and I'm planning to train like a pro level commitment (time but not intensity). I challenge myself to doing the exact pros duathlete did for their training regime toward a race day.

As the bottom line, I need some 'rest & recovery' from my hurting chapter of my life and focused for Powerman Malaysia 2011 and start to idioting myself writing in English & converse in American slang.


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