Friday, March 4, 2011

The Race Boy Sponsored by Skins

Proudly to announce that The Race Boy, our local sports timing & result company being sponsored by Skins. Skins is a leading compression garments brand who're sponsoring many big name athletes from various sports such as cycling, triathlon, golf, cricket and winter sports.

I'm also received a products that need to wear during Jelajah 1 Malaysia from 8 to 13 March 2011 and show their brand. As the expectation set before, The Race Boy surely can recover faster when using Skins compression garments in performing a heart of the tour task in producing faster race results.

Here I'm sharing a description about the product that The Race Boy crews will wearing during a Jelajah 1 Malaysia. Retrieved from

A400 Men's Compression Sleeves

Detailed description

Designed for any sport where strength is needed in the arms, SKINS A400 men's compression sleeves supercharge your performance naturally. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your biceps, triceps and forearm muscles for more power and endurance.

With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Fast wicking technology transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate your temperature. Permanent antimicrobial treatment and UPF 50+ provide all round protection.

Wear SKINS A400 men's compression sleeves to improve your performance like nothing before.


A super comfortable fit, more precise, targeted Dynamic Gradient Compression and a greater range of leg lengths for men and different body shapes for women

50+ UV Protection
SKINS was born in Australia, so we know a thing or two about exerting ourselves in the sun. Our fabrics have a UV protection of 50+, which means you can get out and train harder without worrying about the sun related risks.

Dynamic Gradient Compression
Increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time

Moisture Management
Keeping you dry through advanced wicking is inherent in all SKINS fabrics - moisture is drawn away from your skin, so you stay dry and comfortable

Muscle Focus
Uniquely wrapping and supporting your key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction for less vibration in your muscles, less soft tissue damage and less soreness after exercise

Odour, Stink, Pong, Smell, Stench Free
Permanent antimicrobial treatment discourages bacteria by ionically absorbing the odour causing substances normally associated with Lycra wear. These features are built into all our fabrics, so they can’t ever be washed out.

Warp Knit
The fabric in SKINS is warp knitted using multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance - Warp knit fabrics have no natural stretch – instead, the spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression


  1. hiya..sori but are there any retailers in malaysia selling skins compression gear

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