Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Perak X-Venture Series 2013 Foot Orienteering

This weekend will be our second race (high profile race) back to back for two consecutive weeks. After a Powerman Asian Duathlon Championship race in Putrajaya last Sunday, again we will be back on the road to reach Lumut this Friday night.

Perak X-Venture Series 2013 Foot Orienteering is organized by Magnet Edge Orienteering is a foot orienteering race and will be held in Pangkor Island on 3 November 2013. This race also will be historic because this is an inaugural orienteering race will use electronic timing system by SportIdent a sports timing technology based from Germany.

This year Jiha and me will be team up together again in the race, our first orienteering race as a team. Again we will carry Kakithon name as our team name. Before this, we've experienced an orienteering discipline in IronBound Challenge in Lumut & Pangkor last year. We also hope our experience raced on the second day of the last year race in Pangkor Island will valuable for us.

Orienteering race is not only focusing to move by foot from Control Point (CP) to another CP, but it will tested the competitors with navigation skills with an orienteering map & compass (do I need it?). Plus the endurance of competitors cardiovascular & muscles will be tested. As I was told by the organizer, this race has a cut off time at three hours.That's mean we must completing the course within stipulated time of three hours.

Perhaps this year outing (annual trip) to Lumut and Pangkor will add more experience for us in our journey to become an avid adventure racer in the future.

As a bottom line, our muscle soreness & fatigue due to last Sunday duathlon race, can't limit us to race more confident & stronger toward the finish line this Sunday. Amin.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Road to Powerman 2013: Second Decade of Powerman Malaysia Participation

This Sunday 27 October, this is will be my 11th Powerman Malaysia. As entering second decade of this grueling duathlon race, I'm also will be competing in a new category - Men's 30-39 years old. More than a decade this type of race I have been participated, it teaches me the true colour of how to be a duathlete. We as duathletes, most of us are humble, committed, high self discipline, and can throw a smile to the camera lenses even if we're suffering during the race.

I see a new decade as a new challenge for me, as I'm married as well. This year again we will run together during first running leg as husband and wife!

As a bottom line, may this year Powerman Malaysia will be more exhilarating experience for me.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Celebration of Love

It is an awesome feeling when you went through a milestone along your life history. After eight years and eight months journey as loving couple, I married my only lover, Jiha.

On 24 Aug 2013, we already announced as husband & wife. Followed by our wedding reception on 31 Aug 2013.

Yeah, the life after marriage is totally different than before and of course there are an up and down to be walk and run thoroughly.

May Allah bless us and give more awesomeness in our life!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Salam Aidilfitri 1434

Kepada semua pembaca blog ini yang beragama Islam, saya mengucapkan
Salam Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ramadhan Tips for Pregnant Women

Allah has mandated fasting for every post-pubescent person who is physically fit to fast and has promised an abundant reward in return. However, relieved those with sound excuses and exempted them from fasting, permitting them to break their fast until the reason for which they have been exempted is gone. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are examples of such people whom Allah has exempted from fasting. The following is some general health advice that would help such mothers with the approach of the month of Ramadhan: 
  • Consult the doctor to decide whether or not are able to fast during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. The doctor will check you and assess the case accordingly. 
  • If a pregnant or breastfeeding mother fears harm upon herself because of fasting, then it her religious right to break the fast. 
A pregnant woman who may face problems if she fasts must have a well balanced meal at the time of breaking fast. The meal must include starches (carbohydrates) that supply the body with the required calories, like rice, bread, mee, mee hoon or pasta. A pregnant woman usually needs around 2250 calories daily, and these calories must come from food sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as iron and calcium. 

A pregnant women are advised to: 
  • Drink a large glass of fruit juice immediately after breaking fast. 
  • Stay away from meals that are difficult to digest, like deep fried foods, as this may cause indigestion. 
  • Avoid overeating because this may cause difficulty in breathing. 
  • Advised to eat a light meal between Iftar (the meal at sunset) and Sahur (the predawn meal). 
  • Take a good rest during the daytime. 
A pregnant woman must consult the doctor before fasts to decide whether or not she is physically able to fast. This is because in the first months of pregnancy she must eat balanced meals which the fetus needs in order to grow normally, otherwise, she may endanger its health as well as hers. 

Any pregnant woman who suffers from complications during pregnancy, like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney infections or heart problems must refrain from fasting because her health situation does not permit to fast, as these complications risk the health of the fetus. 

While a pregnant woman who intends to fast - and whose fasting will coincide with the last months of pregnancy - must be careful as this period is more critical than the first few months, unless her pregnancy has been normal throughout the first period. 

If a pregnant woman needs to exert more effort than usual to care for her children or take care of the house, that can cause exhaustion makes her thirsty and hungry, then it would be better not to fast. Otherwise, if these things do not cause any abnormal physical stress, then she can fast.

As a bottom line, a pregnant woman must have a basic knowledge and knowing their physical abilities before committing the fast.